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Are good for your skin

Energy 18 KCal

Water 94.52 g

Protein 0.88 g

Fat 0.20 g

Carbohydrate 3.89 g

Fiber 1.2 g

Sugars 2.63 g


Calcium 10 mg

Iron 0.27 mg

Magnesium 11 mg

Phosphorus 24 mg

Potassium 237 mg

Sodium 5 mg

Zinc 0.17 mg


Vitamin C 13.7 mg

Thiamin 0.037 mg

Riboflavin 0.019 mg

Niacin 0.594 mg

Vitamin B6 0.080 mg

Folate 15 µg

Vitamin B12 0 µg

Vitamin A 42 µg

Vitamin E 0.54 mg

Vitamin D 0 µg

Vitamin K 7.9 µg


Saturated Fat 0.028 g

Fatty acids Monounsaturated 0.031 g

Fatty acids Polyunsaturated 0.083 g

Trans fats 0 g

Cholesterol 0 mg


Caffeine 0 mg


Good source of carbohydrates

Energy 371 KCal

Carbohydrate 74.67 g


A great source of calcium

Protein 23.24 g

Calcium 674 mg

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