How to Clean a Chicken

In a recent study, it has been discovered that washing the chicken before cooking it increases the production of bacteria and hence infections.

When we talk about the preparation of meat, we have to refer to cooking techniques that vary from person to person according to habits or family tradition. Easily, then, you will find yourself having to deal with completely conflicting opinions.

For example, the chicken: how many times did you hear from your mother or grandmother that is better to wash it before cooking to deprive it from any remaining feathers and a first layer of bacteria?

So many, I guess. Yet, according to some recent scientific studies, it was demonstrated that this steps are completely unnecessary, if not downright dangerous to our health.

A group of scholars from the Department of Food Safety of Drexel University, in fact, has published the results of his new research on the specialist magazine "Journal of Food Protection."

Scientists have explained how the main bacteria that involve chicken are Salmonella or Campylobacter, which are attached only at high temperatures (the water is too cold to eliminate them). By contradiction, instead, the same water can prove to be a means of transportation of any infections.

The researchers therefore recommend a process for preparing completely different: depriving the skin of the chicken of any traces of feathers accurately and then store it directly inside the oven dish or pot. Afterwards, it is essential to wash your hands to avoid any risk of infection.