The tiramisu is a sweet spread throughout Italy, whose origins are often disputes between regions such as Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont and others. It is a creamy dessert made with biscuits, cookies or other crumbly texture, dunked in coffee, mascarpone, eggs and sugar.

The recipe for tiramisu is not present in cookbooks previous to the sixties of the twentieth century. This allows to assume that the tiramisu, as you know it now, is a recent invention. Further element is the lack of identification of sweet encyclopedias and dictionaries of the seventies and eighties. The dictionary of Italian Sabatini Coletti dates the first mention of the name in 1980.

Modern versions have as a rule the addition of whipped cream and / or whipped egg combined with mascarpone cream, in order to make it lighter, thick and foamy. Among the changes in alcohol the most common involves adding Marsala. The cake is usually eaten cold, after spending at least 2 hours in refrigerator.

Over time, replacing some of the ingredients, mainly coffee, there arose numerous variants such as tiramisu with chocolate, strawberry, amaretto, berry, lemon, pineapple, yogurt, banana, raspberry, to coconut and even beer.

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