The pizza is a delicacy salty typical Neapolitan cuisine, today, with the pasta, the best known of Italian gastronomy. With this name, almost unknown beyond the city walls of Naples, still in the nineteenth century, they are indicated cakes, almost always sweet. It was not until the early nineteenth century that took the pizza, always in Naples, its current connotation, following the worldwide success of the dish, led by extension, to define in the same way any similar preparation.


In Naples, the so-called "closed pizza" pizza that is well seasoned and covered by the same pasta, calzone is also called, but later other varieties of calzone with a different type of pasta have been designed and prepared in nearby Puglia.

Pitta chjina
Even in Calabria is preparing something similar when you bake bread. Especially in the past, with the bread "normal" for the family, it was often a chjina pitta (pitta stuffed, where pitta is a general name for a loaf of bread). Such product has the appearance of a pizza closed, ie formed from two layers of dough with the filling inside them. Also called "pizza chiena", "pizza fragula" or "pizza frangula". The name "pizza fragula" was widespread in areas of Contursi Terme and Battipaglia.

A small pizza is closed panzerotto, which can be baked or fried in a pan.

American pizza
Even in America the pizza had an evolution until the pizza American marked by softness and considerable seasoning. Not rarely to the mixture are added butter or margarine (or other types of fat) and sugar.

In the last years of the twentieth century it has gone by stating also gluten-free pizza, prepared with flour, not wheat-based, suitable for those suffering from celiac disease.

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